Preview: Jorja Smith at The Fillmore Silver Spring

Photo by Rashid Babiker .

Photo by Rashid Babiker .

There is something truly noteworthy about a undeniably raw vocal talent in 2018. Many songstresses contemporary to our age layer their vocals with autotune and noisy electropop embellishments, while a only select few thoughtfully showcase their voices at the forefront of their music. One of these artists is the impressively polished Jorja Smith, a 21-year-old R&B newcomer from England that is actively taking the industry by storm.

Smith’s growth as a musician ran in parallel to her personal bloom, much like many young artists in the spotlight. Themes of lost love, heartbreak and growing pains echo through her music, as Smith lyrically grapples with trust issues and isolation. The title track of Smith’s 2018 record “Lost and Found” exemplifies her lyrical doubt and vast vocal range. Remnants of her years of vocal training sparkle through the soul of her record, as she sings with a controlled confidence and trained poise. She croons like a classic jazz singer with modern pop accents, a style she owns similar to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse.

In the midst of her North American tour, Smith just scooped up a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. She also released a music video for “Lost and Found” deep cut, “The One,” following Smith’s tortured quest to leave a relationship that has lost its fire. Dripping in 1970’s “Boogie Nights” nostalgia, this new music video highlights the pensive maturity of a budding artist finding her strength from within as her vocals shine through whatever pain inspired the song and video.

Jorja Smith will grace D.C. on her whirlwind North American tour on Tuesday, December 11 at The Fillmore Silver Spring. The incredible Ravyn Lenae will open for Smith at The Fillmore, and it will not be a show to miss. Don’t miss your chance to see these wildly talented R&B superstars as they ascend into mainstream acclaim next week!