Capitol Sound DC's Favorite Songs of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on the tunes that made our year. Through seemingly unending chaos and news alerts, here are some of the songs released in 2018 that helped us wiggle and shake our way through the last 365 days.

We asked asked our team of Capitol Sound DC contributors:

What was your favorite song released this year?

Check out which songs made our team’s list of bops below.

“In all honesty, I’m really not sure why I love this song so much. Have you ever had one of those things that just innately clicks with you from the first moment? This songs was that for me, plain and simple.”
Dylan Singleton, photographer

“‘Total Football’ is my favorite song of 2018 because it calls out unity from all sectors of society in order fight against all these oppressive figures that came out this year. Also, it has the best line to end the song (“F*ck Tom Brady!”)
Mike Kim, photographer

“I think "‘Love It If We Made It’ represents hopelessness as well as camaraderie one finds in the state of today’s world. The song represents a sense of knowing that if you feel angry when listening to it, you’re not alone.”
Anna Moneymaker, photographer

“It’s a good ‘I’m about to go out’ song.”
Abrielle Williams, photographer

“I found Young Fathers as a band this year with their 2018 release ‘Cocoa Sugar.’ The eclectic mix of sounds and voices in the group is unlike anything else I've heard this year, and it's why this song stands as a singular favorite, and continues to strike me as beautiful and inspiring.”
Jordan Wilhelmi, photographer

“The song is the epitome of three artists — Noname, Smino and Saba — at the top of their class just flexing on everyone in the game.”
Tayo Omisore, writer

“‘Fuji Unlimited’ is my favorite song this year because it is a sonic journey that accurately depicts the collective nostalgia experienced in 2018.”
Angelie Benn, Editor in Chief

“This song is cinematic, introspective, dancey, and slightly sad —what more could you want? I spent many days walking through D.C. and beyond with this song in my ears pretending I was in a music video.”
Jenny Ryan, Managing Editor

“I’ve been branching back out to foreign music, specifically Korean and Chinese and I feel like Korean music/culture has come such a long way and has been so influential this past year. Also the song is such a vibey and catchy song. “
Cina Nguyen, Head Photographer

“I was introduced to David Keenan's music in January and was instantly hooked. ‘Lawrence of Arcadia’ is one of those songs that begs you to listen, to be still for just a moment and go along on a song-journey. Keenan released a couple of EPs this year and each one is as brilliant as the one before. He did a short tour through the US this summer and I look forward to his return.”
Melissa Brennan, writer

“There are so many reasons to love this song and record — ‘After the Storm’ tells a story of resilience, self-reliance and faith in oneself, and who doesn’t need a reminder of their own strength? I spent so many a commute bumping this song, moving my way through Tyler, the Creator’s verse on the Metro and letting Bootsy Collins’ bass line set my pace for the day.”
Meredith Wohl, Partnerships & Operations Director

We’ll see you for more coverage in 2019, D.C.!