Street Style at Hopscotch Music Festival 2018


After another successful year at Raleigh’s Hopscotch Music Festival, I am feeling inspired as an aspiring stylist. As much as I enjoyed all of the amazing musicians, great food, local beer and exploring this charming North Carolina city, the street style was my absolute favorite part of the festival experience. I found that Hopscotch-goers have gag-worthy and effortless individual style. Despite the steamy weather that would normally drive people to opt for more basic Southern classics like shorts and light tanks, the Hopscotch crowd certainly made the most of the end-of-summer heat to create some truly memorable clothing choices.

Or better yet, I would even say many Hopscotch attendees were serving lewks. Not a look or an outfit, and yes, you read that correctly: a lewk!


Urban dictionary defines a lewk as, “any outfit you put a special amount of attention into constructing, potentially for an event or special occasion, usually with some sort of theme or reference you’re attempting to invoke.”  

Now, don’t get me wrong, a look is still compelling and an outfit can still be cute. Discerning the difference between an outfit and a lewk is more of a tier system, much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: At the peak of perfection is the aforementioned lewk, the middle of the road is an exciting, yet not ground-breaking, clothing choice and the bottom as the most common and least interesting denominator is a plain, vanilla outfit. In case you needed a visual, let this lewk period guide you on your future fashion quests.

That being noted, here is a stunning roundup of some of the lewks we loved at Hopscotch.

We looked for people displaying notable efforts of personal style at the venues and stages all around the festival, and asked for them to share their Instagram handle and a description of their lewk in one word. Be sure to give them some love on Instagram!

“Chic” - @tyrathedoll


“Breathable” - @Chessa_Rich


“Shiny” - @chicken10ders


“Romy-&-Michelle-In-Space” - @eheglar

*Writer’s Note: I know it’s not one word, but if you have a dramatic sleeve moment like this one, it definitely warrants a narrative.*


“Noise-Fag” - @rectal_rehydration


“Proletariat” - @Lowisren


“Comfortable” - @waldo57


“Retro” - @Femesolepunk


“Eclectic” - @Mary.Alxndra


“Casual” - @Kara_Jeanne


“Hippy-Punk” - @Ttmintmint


“Brightside” - @williebossanova


“Slutty-School-Girl” -


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