Preview: The Growlers at 9:30 Club


The Growlers are a uniquely qualified party band whose psychedelic tunes led into a creation of their very own, especially curated event: the notoriously lively Beach Goth Festival. They have five albums under their belt and their recently released record, “Casual Acquaintances,” was produced by none other than The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas. This new record takes inspiration from West African, dance and electronic influences.

The California garage-rockers held their annual Beach Goth Festival on August 5 in Los Angeles, featuring garage rock staples like the Drums and GWAR. They then decided to then take the party on the road with the announcement of a “Beach Goth Tour.” Their set on on Sunday, September 23 at 9:30 Club will loop our beloved city of D.C. into this cross-country rock ‘n roll road trip.

The band promises a multi-sensory concert experience with killer stage design.

Brooks Nielsen’s listless, philosophical drawl cuts through the hum-drum momentum of daily modern life. This, paired with crazy riffs from guitarist Matt Taylor, creates a vibe that makes every show a energetically wild experience. To box The Growlers into a genre seems unfitting and unnecessary, as they adapt sounds from many types of music. They have vintage organ melodies accompanied by crazy bass and a mix of distorted and clean guitar riffs.

Grab and friend and ditch the #FOMO. Swipe some tickets to see The Growlers here, and hop aboard this sonic road trip with us.

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