Preview: George Clinton and the Legendary Parliament Funkadelic

As part of our continuing partnership with IMP, we are excited to preview George Clinton and the Legendary Parliament Funkadelic’s return to The 9:30 Club on August 2nd.

photo by  Greg Cristman

photo by Greg Cristman


There’s something particularly urgent about a collective of politically aware, intentionally vibrant, and authentically black musicians who’ve managed to carve a set on the world’s stage for over 50 years. For someone who has only had the pleasure of bumping “One Nation Under A Groove” on the occasional Sunday morning chore playlist, I am personally geeked at the prospect of fitting my black ass into the nearest pair of bell bottoms and partying like it’s 1969.

Now, this certainly ain’t P-Funk’s first rodeo but it just might be the last as we know it. George Clinton, bandleader and lead vocalist, is bringing the family to The District for what has been reported to be his last time. In a Billboard exclusive, Clinton reveals “anyone who has been to the shows over the past couple of years has noticed that I’ve been out front less and less”. This announcement was followed by the release of their new album titled “Medicaid Fraud Dogg”, as if to assuage folks doubts concerning the future of the band. 

This particular Mothership has always been a family affair. I’m certain George’s absence, though felt, won’t put too big a dent in the legendary sound. Nonetheless, natives of the Greater Washington area have one last chance to George Clinton a happy retirement, due to take effect in May of 2019.

The future of the mothership feels brighter than ever, with Clinton’s grandchildren recently joining the band as background vocalists. If you want the funk and/or gotta have that funk, you can catch their tight-knit, family-focused set featuring some of the “P-Funk All-Stars” on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series, then find tickets below and reserve your spot.

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Kosi Dunn