Preview: DRAMA at DC9

Photo by Lillie Eiger

After a touring across North America opening for Jain in October, DRAMA is embarking on a small headlining tour of select cities, which will bring them to DC9 on December 9th. DRAMA is comprised of Via Rosa and Na’el Shehade who met in Chicago in 2013 via mutual friends. Both were already reputable artists in their own right, but together they pair perfectly with one another and their chemistry is undeniable. The duo’s music is “the combination of dramatic lyrics, dark chords, and pop melodies with dance-y, happy beats and arrangements,” Na’el told The Fader in a recent interview. In other words, their music hits that sweet spot of being both happy and sad at the same time, creating a compelling and cathartic experience for the listener.

In their latest EP, “Lies After Love” DRAMA explores the realities of love, relationships, heartbreak and the inevitable truths that reveal themselves after a break up. If you have ever loved and lost (who hasn’t?) then you’ll find solace in “Majid,” a song that reflects on the heartbreak of a past relationship and looks optimistically toward the future.

Join us on December 9th at DC9 to confront your emotions head-on while simultaneously dancing them away.

The band’s New York show has already sold out, so don’t wait to buy your ticket.