Preview: Flint Eastwood at U Street Music Hall

Photo courtesy of the artist.

“Hey, you! Yeah, you with the crossed arms! We’re here to move! Everyone, this is a safe space to get loose!” Jax Anderson aka Flint Eastwood, yelled out to a boy standing in the middle of the crowd. That wasn’t the first time I’ve witnessed Jax call out an individual in the audience who was either bringing the energy up or down. Flint Eastwood is known for her exuberant crowd engaging methods, from kick-jumping, to thrashing her braids, to delivering inspirational monologues in-between songs.

Not only are her performances kick-ass, her sound is multi-genre encompassing. Although, Flint Eastwood is categorized as indie-pop, she draws inspiration from Spaghetti Western and has an open-door policy to her studio, infusing R&B beats and garage rock to her sound. To get a taste of her diverse talent check out “Real Love”, which has more pop flare, and “Fire” featuring Sam Austin, which has more hip-hop notes. What we’re saying is, is that there really ins’t an excuse to not see Flint Eastwood at U Street Music Hall on December 2nd.

The primary goal for Jax in the music process is to remain authentic to herself and bring meaningful messages to her listeners. Flint Eastwood’s first EP, Small Victories, reflected on the death of Jax’s mother. In the debut album, Broke Royalty, Jax conveys messages of self-empowerment. In the latest mixtape, “THIS IS A COPING MECHANISM FOR A BROKEN HEART,” Jax dives into new lyrical territory of writing about love and a past relationship. The EP was created in sequential order and in under two days. You can also listen to the un-abridged release which is called, “The Handbook (THIS IS A COPING MECHANISM FOR A BROKEN HEART).” We can expect the majority of her setlist to be comprised of music from this latest EP.