Preview: Kali Uchis at 9:30 Club

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Metro Times.

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Metro Times.

It has been a big year for Potomac’s Kali Uchis, who continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her sultry persona and doo-wop inspired sound. After the release of her debut studio album, “Isolation,” in April of this year, Uchis catapulted into the mainstream. “Isolation” is nothing short of a triumph, deserving of all of the praise and hype that can be thrown its way.  After years of honing her style and refining her artistry through a sleuth of EPs and several singles, Uchis weaves an impactful narrative in her first full-length album that holds a mirror to her point of view as both a 24-year-old musician and Colombian-American artist.

Unlike a lot of the fun, lighthearted music released in 2018, this is a record that seems to rightfully take itself very seriously, as one track after the next roll out some of the most dynamic collaborations of the year. This record’s credits are jaw-dropping. “Isolation” opens with “Body Language,” produced and featuring the masterful basslines of the eclectic Thundercat. “Just A Stranger” features a duet between Uchis and the up-and-coming guitarist and newest member of The Internet, Steve Lacy.

Jorja Smith contributed vocals to previously released single “Tyrant,” and the Gorillaz lent their magic to “In My Dreams.” Kevin Parker of Tame Impala brought his signature sound to one of the record’s stand-out tracks, “Tomorrow.” However, one of the most energetic and memorable collaborations on this record is between Uchis, Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins on “After The Storm.” The track opens with the crack of thunder and that explosive energy carries through the entire song; Collin’s slap bass lines and Uchis’ doo-wop roots shine through the storm of this record, as Tyler, The Creator croons through some classic adlibs. Long story short: I live for this record. This is the album we needed and deserved in 2018.

Uchis’ two nights at the 9:30 Club on October 9 + 10 marks a return to her roots in the DMV on her first national solo tour. This run of shows follows her tour opening for Lana Del Rey in the spring, as this young artist shares her hard-earned success with the region that raised her. Don’t miss the chance to see this rising star next week — tickets are still available for her second show on October 10.