Preview: Troye Sivan at The Anthem

Photo by Hedi Slimane

Troye Sivan

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it’s romantic firsts – first crushes, first kisses, and beyond if you will. Troye Sivan intimately shares his personal firsts in his sophomore album “Bloom,” which was released back in August. What’s admirable about Sivan is his ability to confidently detail his evolving experiences with men, which provides a unique story in the pop music industry that has sparse, but growing, LGBTQ perspectives. The record, “Bloom,” presents a tension between innocence and acquired maturity. This narrative closely reflects Troye’s exploratory chapter experienced in the bounds of his personal and professional life.

Sivan’s stories are told directly through his lyrics and by their supporting sounds. While he stays true to notable dancey, pop beats, in “My, My, My”, he also infuses a darker dimension, supported by guitars and slower ballads, such as “Animal.” When Sivan visits us at The Anthem on October 4th, we can expect a performance that will have us reveling in memories of the peaks and troughs of love.

Photo by Colby Koch

Kim petras

German pop songstress, Kim Petras is supporting Troye Sivan on the “Bloom” Tour. Kim recently shocked fans by dropping her first mixtape, “Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1,” on October 1st. The record is a horror-themed anthem and takes listeners on a spooky pop journey. You won’t want to miss Kim’s horrifically bopping performance that will give you all the vibes you need for some Halloween inspiration.

Photo by Maxwell Poth


Leland is an esteemed, LA-based songwriter whose credits include some of Troye Sivan’s major hits including, “YOUTH” and “My, My, My” and songs for popstars like Selena Gomez and Daya. While Leland is a well-known songwriter, he is entering the electro-pop space as an artist himself. It will be a treat to see part of the brainpower behind Sivan’s latest album perform on his own as an opener on the “Bloom” Tour. Get to The Anthem early and be one of the first to witness Leland as a performer in his own right.