Interview: Allie X

Allie X is the creator of her own unique universe where anonymity, authenticity and a tinge of darkness reside. The Canadian born singer’s second album CollXtion II continues to give listeners a glimpse into her world.

photo by Jungle George

photo by Jungle George

CSDC: CollXtion is all about identity. Finding it, losing it, defining it. During the process of this album did you have the opportunity to “find yourself”?

Allie X: Every time I finish a project I feel like I find something new or even from a different perspective about life or the past. It’s definitely a process of, you know, losing yourself and finding yourself over-and-over.  I don’t know if you ever get used to it all.

CSDC: You’re very mysterious. I don’t think I found an interview where you weren’t wearing sunglasses or a hat.

Allie X: [Laughs] yeah I’m trying to change that.

CSDC: You’re not the only one so it seems. Artists like Sia, Frank Ocean, H.E.R all keep a level of anonymity. Do you think this is a way for artists to protect their personal lives?

Allie X: Yeah! I’d like to keep a sense of anonymity but it’s difficult in this Internet age. I have a Wikipedia page. So there’s not too many ways to “hide” I guess. It’s still different for me to expose myself.

CSDC: You’re very interactive with your fans on your social media accounts though.

Allie X: Those platforms have made it easier for me to give more and connect with people.

On tour and running short on time, we wrapped our conversation up, but not before one last question. Any surprises left in the last half of the year/of 2017?

Allie X: I don’t have a single clue, but I hope more music, touring. I just want to keep going.

CollXtion II is now available worldwide on iTunes. You can catch Allie X at Songbyrd on August 31.