Our Latest Obsession: O-Slice

She a whole rapper from Prince George's County. 

O-Slice is consistent, passionate, and boasts a conspicuous gift as an artist. I interviewed her earlier this year after she hit viral success with "Get It Correct," but her drive has only increased tenfold. For these obvious reasons, O-Slice has established herself as our latest obsession. 


In October, O-Slice hosted The Inner CIrcle 2, a showcase celebrating her birthday, featuring performances from O-Slice + friends. The audience enjoyed stripped-back sets from local acts like Cramer and Basic the Bassist. O-Slice's act included bass, piano, and saxophone; the preciseness of it all innately displayed her care and respect for performance, craft, and composition alike.

More recently, O-Slice released the video for her latest single, "10 Toes Down," featuring G-Suave. Much like her performance, the video for the anthemic squad song embodied thorough intentions and further solidified O-Slice's value as an independent artist. With all the hard work she's put in this year, 2018 should be a most fruitful one for O-Slice.

Watch "10 Toes Down" below to see O-Slice bring her version of the classic heist to life and maybe even learn a thing or two about your friends.   

Angelie Benn